Aryan is the authorized reseller the Remark office OMR software in India. We provide solutions to Education institutes, coaching classes, schools, health care industries, service sector companies.

Features of Remark Office OMR
  • OMR include surveys, tests, research studies, evaluations, assessments, inventory, field-testing, patient history, and many others!
  • Exceptional mark recognition (recognizes bubbles and checkboxes) Works with forms you design and duplicate. Includes spell checker.
  • Process multi-page and double-sided forms.
  • Recognizes barcodes.
  • Supports nearly all PC desktop scanners.
  • Reads image files (PDF, TIFF and PCX).
  • Easy-to-use exception correction facility.
  • Eliminates pre-sorting of forms with automatic form, page and respondent identification features.
  • Validates information with database verification.
  • Grades tests and tabulates surveys.
  • Produces customizable graphs of grade/survey results and statistics.
Remark Office OMR has the following functions: -

Template creation: To create a form template in OMR format.

Processing: Process filled-in forms using a scanner or saved image files.

Exception handling: Correct any exception cases. Remark Office OMR denotes exceptions with color-coded flags.

Report Generation: Making of report with statistical representation.

Saving of Reports: Saves data to over 35 different file formats including SPSS, Access, Excel, dBase, Lotus, HTML and many more.