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Fujitsu today is a dominant market leader in its sales of document scanners, with more than 50% market share worldwide. With a well-known reputation for reliability, and an extensive experience of 18 years, Fujitsu scanners are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Its continuous rigorous efforts in R & D have produced scanners with the latest advanced technology, and this has helped Fujitsu maintain its leadership position in today's competitive environment.

Fujitsu offers the most comprehensive range of document scanners available in the market. With its strong emphasis on reliability, ease of use & efficiency, Fujitsu scanners will produce the best scan possible with little or no human intervention. This results in optimum productivity.

Competitive Advantages of a Fujitsu Scanner:
  • Adoption of Charge Coupled Device (CCD)
    All Fujitsu scanners are installed with the latest CCD technology for deeper focal depth, vibrant colour reproduction and crystal clear images regardless of the scanning distance from the paper.

  • Standard ADF Function
    The Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) saves users from the tedious task of hand-feeding documents manually and allows for the scanning of large volumes of documents at high speed for increase productivity.

  • Straight Paper Path
    From thin tracing papers to thick cardboards, the Fujitsu scanners offers understanding paper handling by allowing the paper to travel in a nearly straight feeding route when using ADF. This results in a shorter paper path that eliminates paper jams. No more conventional U-shaped path that jams thick brochures and slows down operations significantly when scanning double-sides.

  • Simultaneous Duplex Scanning
    To save valuable time and enhance maximum operation efficiency, Fujitsu scanners are equipped with dual-system independent CCD sensor and internal processing circuit that are capable of capturing both sides of a document with a one-time feeding. With this feature, users will not have to worry about order displacement when scanning large volumes of double-sided pages.

  • Simple Maintenance and Durability
    Fujitsu scanners are designed with low maintenance and durability in mind. The pick roller   pad assembly are the only consumables (except for production models), and these can be easily removed for replacements or cleaning.

Models Name fi-6130 fi-6140 fi-5530C2 fi-6670C fi-4860C2 fi-5900C
Scanner Models Fujitsu fi-6130 Scanner Fujitsu fi-6140 Scanner Fujitsu fi-5530C2 Scanner Fujitsu fi-6670C Scanner Fujitsu fi-4860C2 Scanner Fujitsu fi-5900C Scanner
Paper Feeder
Up to 50 Sheets Up to 50 Sheets Up to 100 Sheets Up to 200 Sheets Up to 500 Sheets Up to 500 Sheets
Paper Size A4 - A8 A4 - A8 A3 A3 - A8 A3 - A8 A3 - A8
30ppm / 60ipm at 200dpi 40ppm / 80ipm at 200dpi 30ppm / 60ipm at 200dpi 90ppm / 180ipm at 200dpi 60ppm /120ipm at 200dpi 100ppm / 200ipm at 200dpi
Optical Resolution 50 - 600dpi 50 - 600dpi 50- 600 dpi 50 - 600dpi 400dpi 50-600dpi
Daily Duty
Up to 2,000 pages Up to 5,000 pages Up to 4,000 pages Up to 15,000 pages Up to 17,000 pages Up to 10,000 pages
Interface Ultra SCSI / High Speed USB 2.0 Ultra SCSI / High Speed USB 2.0 Ultra SCSI / High-speed USB 2.0 Ultra SCSI / USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 USB2.0 + Ultra SSI (narrow) Ultra-wide SCSI / USB2.0 / VRS (Selectable)
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