Aryan Imaging & Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in April 2003. We feel immense pleasure in working as a channel partner with the Global Leader in Imaging Products (Scanners); we also represent the leader of DMS solutions FILESTREAM for its DMS product along with OMR Solution form Gravin nic in India. We have a team of expert to market these entire products across India. Aryan is a leading service provider in the field of Document & Information Management and Data Processing. We have all types of solutions for the small business house to big corporate which includes scanner of all range and the software solution.

Our products are:
High speed scanner

AIBC is the authorized reseller of high speed document scanner in India. We feel immense pleaser to represent our company as the authorized reseller for Kodak scanner. Kodak has the all rage of production level scanner start from the 25 PPM to 150 PPM. Kodak is leader in the document scanning for more then 15 years.

Remark Office OMR

Remark office OMR is the product of Gravic inc. Aryan is the authorized reseller for the Remark office OMR software in Maharashtra. OMR is very user-friendly software and has the facility for the customization. It works on the customized OMR sheets; we can generate result in more then 30 database like xls, mdb, etc. OMR gives the solutions to the survey industries, Market research industries, Educational institutes, HR Managers, Hospital industries etc.

Document Management Software

DMS is the product developed by File stream UK, it's a UK based company, having distribution and more then 150 successful installations across the globe. This software has the document management system for diverse department in a company. It has personalized indexing facility that makes DMS software accessible. User can have its own constraint to save associated documents. Administrator has the privilege to provide access rights to users. The workflow and file encryption make this software secure from data theft and unauthorized access. DMS solution is useful for the construction industries, manufacturing industries, Software industries etc.

BAR code Printer & Scanner

Aryan proved solution for the Bar code printing and scanning, we have the high speed barcode printer based on customer requirement. We have the software which can read the barcode's of images and can index the documents with the barcode number.

PODs Scanning

POD (Proof of Delivery) is an essential document for the courier and logistic companies. They have to produce these as the proof of delivery to clients as required. Searching these PODs with manual system is very time consuming task and required more efforts. Our software SCABAR takes care of this problem it scans the PODs and save the images into output with Barcode number on it.

OCR/ICR Solutions

OCR (Optical Character Recognitions) is the software which recognized words from the image files and convert into word file format. ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) is useful for reading hand written words. Aryan provides both these solutions for form processing activity.

SMS Solutions

SMS solution is the software developed by Aryan with the intention of bulk SMS sending. This application allow user to send bulk SMS with the help of internet. We provide login name and password to the users and they can access the software. It stores address book and templates on server for easy and any where access. It has the scheduler for time messaging. User can import and export the address book in excel file format. Administrator can allocate the quota and access rights to users based on his requirement.

MICR solution

MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) is solution for the banking industries to recognize the cheque and indexing cheque with the same number, there are some scanners available into market to read these MICR number from the cheque images.