• We are into this business for last 4 years.
  • We understand each client's requirement, and so can produce a tailor made solution.
  • We scan from card size documents to A0 documents.
  • We have invested in high end scanners and technology.
  • We have daily scanning capacity of more than 300,000 A4 size documents per day. We can scan documents and process on the same for the following:
    OCR: We scan the documents to extract information from them. This information could be used in the Document Management System or could be used in making searchable PDF.
    OMR: Multi choice examinations / Survey forms could easily processed using OMR technology.
    Barcode: Document information for indexing, processing could be extracted using the barcode technology. We can provide solutions on linear and 2D barcodes.
    MICR: Extracting information from the cheques using MICR technology.
Aryan has provided the scanning services to the following types of business applications:

Customer files for Banks. /
Financial Institutes. /
Telecom companies.
Case files for solicitors.
Human resources records.
Technical libraries.
Patient records.
Technical manuals.
Aryan Imaging & Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd. provides scanning services for companies, institutes who need to convert the paper documents into digital format for

1. Archival purpose: Scanning of old documents as a backup plan for disaster management system

2. Data Processing: Scanning of documents for processing later using various technologies like OCR, ICR, OMR and MICR etc.

3. Document referencing: Many documents are required to be referred simultaneously by various people. Using scanned documents and a proper document management system like FILEstream could be used for the purpose.
          We have our own software development team working on the various technologies in scanning and image processing.

We also provide solutions for the companies who intend to implement Document Management Solutions. We represent:
We also have our own software development team, who can help and develop solutions as per customer requirement. We have expertise to work on
  • Scanning Process:  We have expertise to work on scanning standards like TWAIN, ISIS
  • Image Processing:  We can process images to give various outputs
  • Image conversion:  We can convert image from to one format to another like Tiff to PDF, PDF to Tiff, Word to PDF, etc
  • Data Extraction:  Reaoding the data from image and converting the image in searchable PDF format.
Extracting data from Barcode for indexing and changing scanning settings while scanning. Extracting data using OMR technology for assessing the data on the image. We are among the first companies to introduce First page (Page containing photograph) color scanning and rest in black and white. This has been benefited industry in many ways Photograph which is important part of form, is available in color for the viewer Rest documents since typed or handwritten information is better viewed in black and white than in any form The document size reduces since not all pages are scanned in color format. The details of the photograph are not lost in black and white scanning since the image settings are not manual, the speed of the scanner is not affected and thus the time of manual change over in color and black and white setting is saved.